Stepok Picture Enlarger


Increase the size of your photos without distortions


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Stepok Picture Enlarger is professional software that expands small photos without causing pixelation. The tool also comes in handy when you want to crop images and save a certain part without compromising quality.

Once you've enlarged your photos, you can export them in the format of your choice. It's that easy.

With Con Stepok Picture Enlarger, the original size and format of the photo doesn't matter, since the app uses a powerful algorithm to convert the image without distortions or loss in quality. It's also compatible with the majority of formats, including RAM files.

In addition, this app also lets you work in batches, enlarging several images at once so you don't waste time.

- Trial version lasts 30 days.
- Only half of the enlarged version is saved in the trial version.

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